Dientes de Navarino trek, Isla Navarino, the southern-most trek in the world at the tip of Patagonia.

I'm a Melbourne based adventure photographer. I know “adventure photographer” gets thrown around a lot these days, so I’ll let you guys make your minds up for yourselves.

Last year I travelled the length of Latin America by motorbike. I’ve broken down in the middle of the desert in Argentina, climbed 6,000m peaks in the Andes, and spent 10 days living with and documenting the challenges faced by indigenous tribes in the Amazon. That’s just the beginning of the story.

I have never just chased photos, and I don’t plan on starting now. I chase moments, stories and adventures, it just so happens they come with beautiful backdrops that I’m lucky enough to capture and share. This is what sets me apart from other “adventure photographers”. From the Himalayas of India to the deserts of Argentina, I explore out the tougher, more rugged places on Earth to tell their stories and the stories of the people that exist in them.

But sometimes all that isn’t enough. You need passion and a dedication that comes from knowing your brand. You need someone who lives and breathes your products. Your values. Your mission.

Camping at 4,000m in the high deserts of Argenitina.

Striding out on a packrafting and hiking mission at Wilsons Prom, Victoria, exploring the diverse and remote northern end of the park.

Evening scenes from 10 days spent in El TIPNIS, an indigenous territory and national park, with indigenous Bolivian tribes to understand the threats they are facing from environmental destruction and climate change.


I don’t send out a generic email to 50 or 60 companies hoping to get a few responses. I research the companies whose products I love and have repeatedly used. I make sure I understand their ethos, their mission and what makes them tick. I will only work for brands that I am passionate about, and which I know I can do an amazing job at showcasing their products and what they stand for. Only once I have done all of that will I consider getting in touch with you.

I have shot with Nikon since I picked up a camera, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I started with my father’s old cameras, eventually buying a D7000 for myself. For a number of years now, I have shot exclusively with the Nikon D750. From -20°C snowstorms in the Andes to suffocating humidity in the jungle of the Amazon, I’ve put your corporate philosophy of “Trustworthiness and Creativity” to the test more times than I can count. I am consistently blown away by the durability and reliability of your cameras and the stunning images they allow me to capture. I never have to worry about whether the camera can handle it and can just get on with the job.

With the new Nikon Z Series of mirrorless cameras, I am more excited than ever to shoot with your products. From a mountaineering expedition in New Zealand to a packrafting trip in Australia, I want to push them to the limits, take them to places they have never been before, and capture outstanding and moving images in the process. I want to do that for you and I want to do that with you.


If you want to see more about me and the work I have done previously, check out the links below and please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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